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Door Bas Gezelle op 19 november 2016

When I work out, I usually go Silent Mode — no music player, just the sound of foot meeting pavement and the drumming of my heartbeat. But the new BioBeats app may turn those very sounds into a moving soundtrack for my life. The app cleverly uses the iPhone’s camera to measure measure your heart rate, turning your pulse into the background of a dance track. If you’re moved (or you’re moving), the song morphs in response to your body, a working example of biometric feedback.

Bio Beats isn’t just a cute app — it could be the first in a wave of technology that changes and molds to human measures. It won’t be long before your work playlist is constructed based on your resting heartrate, blood sugar count, and CO2 levels. Or your clothes collect data about you and send it to your chef to help him prepare a meal. Very cool.


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